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Lighting your Home - Useful Tips

  • Good ligting can help you make the most of the spaces in your home that you have. A bright general light source is needed in most rooms.  This can be often supplemented by task lights such as spot lights or desk lamps.  In addition tou this you can use wall lights and uplighters which can accent highlights such as pictures and plants or other features.
  • To make a statement you can consider a crystal chandelier or other statement piece. If you have a low ceiling room you may need a flush or semi-flush light fixture.
  • Halls and staircases can sometimes require a low hanging light with longer cable or chain.
  • You can create a soft, low level light by the use of wall lights.
  • Floor lamps can provide light in darker corners of the room.
  • Bathroom lighting should always be both practical and stylish and comply fully with safety regulations.

Living Room

In order to get the best from your living room will need a variety of lighting.  A good starting point is a combination of general overhead or wall lighting, as well as portable light sources such as table, floor or task lamps.


Your ceiling fitting will be most likely your main light source.  For larger rooms with high ceilings it is a good idea to use fitting using multi-arm lights, these are available with 5, 8 or more bulbs.  For smaller rooms, up to 5 x 4m, a 3 arm fitting would be sufficient. Semi Flush or flush fittings are perfectly suitable for low ceilings, and many of the fittings we supply are height adjustable.

Wall lights are a good source of additional lighting or if you want to focus on a picture, up, down or in both directions.

A popular choice is lighting hidden behind cornices, bookshelves and glassware displays. Uplighters are ideal if you have dark corners.

Dining Room

In this room it needs to be flexible and with the main source above the table - you may also need additional wall lighting or portable table lamps for different effects around the room.  A rise and fall lamp can provide a practical way to light the table while a standard pendant light, armed light or chandelier can be used to a provide the room with a central focus, even when it is switched off.  A contemporary floor standing arc light can look great over a dining table and can create an effective solution that does not require an wiring.

It is also advisable to use dimmable styles to alter the mood of the room.

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Being the functional centre of a home and to ensure safety where liquids and hot objects and electrical appliances are used daily, a brighter level of light is required.

We advise a central light that will give a good distribution of light around the room. One can also use a multi-head spot light bar will allows light to be directed over certain areas such as the sink, oven and fridge. 


Over your table a pendant can be used or even recessed downlighters over a kitchen breakfast bar. Any kind of portable lighting or lamps with trailing wire can be hazardous and should therefore not be used.

If you would like to illuminate work surfaces Under cupboard fluorescent lights are very effective.

Entrances, Halls & Staircases

Use energy saving bulbs as often these are the lights left on for longer periods of time. You also need to make the space warm and inviting.

A hanging pendant is recommended in a large room or wall lights or recessed downlights if the ceiling is low or the hall is narrow.  A table lamp can also add a nice touch.

It is important to light staircases well in order to define the edges of the steps and prevent falls. A bright pendant lamp at the top of the stairs will create a shadow that can add definition to the stair risers. This is another aread where an energy saving bulb is recommended.



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